Tree of savior cleric guide 2019

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Tree of savior cleric guide 2019

In Tree of Savior you can combine several classes into unique characters in the way it fits your playstyle the most or experience an unusual fantasy that few games provide, currently the game offers 76 classes to play with spread across 5 different class tress.

Each class has different strength, weaknesses, skills, attributes, weapon usage leading to a different experience for each one, additionally you can combine them with other classes. The first class a character has is called Basic Class and those are ArcherClericScoutSwordsman and Wizardeach one has different characteristics and has a different set of weapons to pick from. Basic can level up to 15 and have only five skills with 5 levels only, once a character hits level 15 it can get an Advanced Class.

Being the bottom line of the class system that enables branching into other classes they give name to class trees. Once a base class is picked it can never be changed. Unlike Basic Classes these are more specialized classes with distinct traits, they also have a higher level cap at 45 and skills that can be taken up to level Each character can have 3 different Advanced Classes and all them are available as the first advancement, the only exception to this are Hidden Classes.

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One interesting feature Advanced Classes have are the special attributes unlocked with base level, these are unique additions that boost their power significantly and serve as progression rewards unrelated to skill level. Currently each class tree has a single Hidden Class that is unlocked through an unique quest or by using Class Unlock Voucherquests take considerable time to be finished while vouchers can be obtained through TP Cubes. It is possible to purchase unlock vouchers from other players in the market.

Despite the hurdles none of the classes is inherently stronger than the average Advanced Classthey only provide different tools that are exclusive to them that can be useful on their own or to complement other classes. An interesting fact about Hidden Classes is that their policy changed over time, initially they weren't listed in the advancements, didn't had their release listed on patch notes nor could be found in the official website.

Miko was the first hidden class to appear in patch notes and was followed by Appraiser with no release official record, Nak Muay was the latest addition and was listed as "new hidden class in Swordsman tree". After Rank 8 Expansion those classes were made visible in the advancement regardless of the unlock status and they were added to the official website as well along the Re:Build Patch. In game classes can be divided into groups that share similar basic traits, this is often signalized by the class icon as they use a same badge and color to convey their group quicker.

There are several exceptions to classes that don't follow this code but IMC is trying to make it an official indicator. Classes which the focus is damage dealing, being explored in several different ways.

tree of savior cleric guide 2019

It also includes classes that are self buff oriented as it doesn't improve party play. Currently it is the largest group in the game.

tree of savior cleric guide 2019

A special sub group of classes that has mobility build in, being able to charge into the fight and do skirmish combat. It is important to define this sub group due the skill compatibility some classes have with the mounted state, since most of classes are played on foot Riders don't have all options available.

All the Rider classes in the game are part of the Offensive group but there is a chance this may change in the future. As the name implies those classes need an active ground companion to be played. Party oriented classes, those have buffs, healing and powerful control skills. A specialized variant of Support type, they focus on self preservation with threat management and damage mitigation.

Operates with a minion management gameplay instead of a constant active use of skills, minions use SPR as a major scaling stat instead of regular Physical Attack and Magic Attack. Currently it is only available in the wizard tree.

Service and crafting oriented classes, a business class will offer at least two types of services to pick from.

So far the only class in this group is Templar as it was originally designed as a requirement to use guild content, as such the group is known as Special since it doesn't have any additional class to have a proper defining trait.Greetings Saviors! Here is just a friendly reminder from the TOS Staff to keep you up to date with all the events that will be taking place in the weeks following the Re:Build update!

Don't worry! We are providing free weapon type changes!

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Event Event Period Class Tree Change Support Available for 30 day s since the player's first login after the scheduled maintenance on January 15 has ended.

Rare Costume's for Outlaw and Assassin! And last but not least Available for 30 day s since the player's first login after the scheduled maintenance on January 15 has ended. Until the scheduled maintenance on Jan Until the scheduled maintenance on Feb Until the scheduled maintenance on March 5. Return of paid appearance items processed during the scheduled maintenance on January Vouchers sent to players' market retrieve tabs during the scheduled maintenance on January All skill scrolls refunded to players during the scheduled maintenance on January All class costumes replaced as vouchers during the scheduled maintenance on January The game is far different from most other MMOs on the market right now and it does not do new players many favors in terms of advice.

So what is there to know as a new Tree of Savior player?

Tree of Savior Forum

A whole lot, but some questions come up more than others. Here are some tips for new players to make things easier during the first portion of the game. These are oft-asked questions from the community, because respeccing is one thing modern MMORPGs are generally open to in one way or another.

Tree of Saviornot so much. It's very important to plan your characters out beforehand. This one really bummed me out because Klaipeda is so crowded and Orsha is more conveniently laid out, but after starting a few characters between both I can confidently say characters starting in Orsha get the short end of the stick.

There are more substantial drops in the Klaipeda region. Gems and gear drop far more often and there are more chests to open outside of ones with Collections. Monsters are also easier and there are more quests to be done. The one benefit to starting in Orsha over Klaipeda is the city of Orsha itself isn't as laggy as Klaipeda, but both are sure to be deathly packed come peak hours post-F2P launch.

At nearly level 40, characters in both regions are tasked with going into maps that are 7 to 10 levels higher than they are to progress the story. This is intimidating, and for good reason. Both cities' story quests are available to all characters and it is possible to do both on a single character, effectively splitting your efforts between the two regions to level faster than you would just via grinding.

Grinding is okay, but doing quests is how most players keep focus.

tree of savior cleric guide 2019

You can grab a Klaipeda or Orsha Teleport Scroll from the item merchant in either city to warp to the opposite city. Klaipeda's story quest can be started in the city itself, while Orsha's is back in the starting area Note: This may change later, but has been my experience with the game as it is.


Some story quests will only show up in your Quest Log if you are in the map they start in. If you have run out of story quests, check out the World Map on ToS Base and see which is the next higher level map in the region you're in and make your way there. Chances are you'll see a new story quest pop up on your log.


If you see a mob glowing silver, gold, or blue-- kill it! These mobs net you extra rewards for killing them. Silver-glowing mobs drop a lot of loot, gold-glowing mobs drop a fair amount of Silver, and blue-glowing mobs give extra EXP. Companions take up character slots because they can be transferred from one character to another in the Lodge once you get one, effectively acting as a tank or DPS partner when adventuring.

Getting from around level 15 to around level 40 feels like it takes forever, but it's no trouble at all following the above advice to hop between regions to quest. Don't spend too much on your level 15 weapon. Your Silver is precious, and the money you would spend on a decked out 15 weapon with upgrades would be better spent on a level 40 or 75 weapon and its upgrades, especially level And good weapons for that level are not cheap, not to mention their high upgrade prices.

Going into the level 50 dungeon can take you up 10 levels or more, especially in a matchmaking party. Parties made via matchmaker get massive EXP from dungeon mobs. Parties containing at least one of every primary class type Archer, Wizard, Swordsman, Cleric get a ton as well, but less.Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to level now but this is a guide on how to level efficiently and quickly.

As a reminder, remember to grab your new player or returning player packages off the event board and if there is any exp buff events going on, you can go get those too.


Also keep in mind that you can change channels, so if you find that there are too many people in your channel map, then you can opt to change channels to a less populated one.

If you manage to play with friends or find people to party up with around your level ranges, the leveling process will become much more fun and less tedious. Once you have enough silver to get Blessing and Sacrament buffs from pardoners in Klaipeda town usually about silver is enoughyou will want to get the buffs whenever you want to level. Make sure you refresh your buffs if they run out by purchasing them again in town.

You will be able to grind here for quite a while due to the sheer number of mobs and the fast respawn rate. Remember to keep up with your daily dungeon runs of appropriate level and Challenge mode entries. This will be your new home for grinding and Challenge modes until lvl Make sure to use up to date equipment for your level because the mobs will start to hurt alot.

Remember to keep up to date with your equipment and work towards better equips. Remember to keep up with your dungeon runs of appropriate levels.

If you still require additional exp, you may choose to grind around any of the higher level maps in this bracket range or spam challenge mode runs with reset vouchers from events and from purchasing them off other players in the market the profit from a single cm run is usually greater than the cost of purchasing a reset voucher. Tree of Savior Leveling Guide.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Featured Cosplay Hestia Cosplay and More.Welcome to my cleric re:build guide, here I will attempt to help you figure out how clerics work in this new and daring ly boring update.

As usual, please read the bolded text on top to ensure this guide is still up to date first. We do have dev blogs for their initial plans, but most changes to said plans are not mentioned even if they are made which can make them quite misleading. Class selection : With the arrival of Re:build we will only get to pick 1 base class Wizard, Archer, Scout, Cleric or Swordsman and 3 subclasses that belong to those classes.

What is important however is that every base class only gets 15 levels and thus 15 skill points, whereas the others all get 45 each. Chaplain is now a regular rank to boot, and the r8 classes no longer have specific quest or rank requirements either.

Miko however is still our one and only hidden class! ToS ReBuild class spec. Stat Factors: With Re:Build you will still retain a small amount you can invest as you please, around 50 or so, but the vast majority of stat points are now replaced with set stat factors tied to your class selection. These stat factors determine how much stats you get based on your subclasses and level combined. So I find that slightly more representative and would prefer to use that notation, but your mileage may vary.

Thanks to Nekorin for listing the changed stat factors. Stat effects: Str, Dex, Con, Int and Spr are also streamlined now in terms of what effects they give. So for now Heal, Healing Factor and Ein Sof all target a single ally based on your input instead of their prior mechanics. Attribute Enhancement changes: Enhancement has also been streamlined, so every enhance attribute should not cost the same amount. Likewise most debuffs, buffs and healing skills now also feature enhance attributes.

Altered Armour Mastery: The prior attributes that each class had for place, leather and cloth have been removed. These effects are now mostly tiered based on the raririty of your armor, and only your lowest rarity counts.

Who knows …. Dash changes: Basically all classes now have access to the dash, but there are specific differences per class.

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Archers can only dash out of combat, but are 3 movement speed faster. Gem changes: See this google doc for a english overvieuw. Damage changes: A lot of skill factors got lowered, enemy health and damage was also lowered in return though.

There are plenty of other changes, see the ktos thread for far more information. What this and other changes mean for clerics as a whole:.Cleric have various skills that can either heal or buff allies in battle. They are largely a support class but they can be developed into a profession that plays a larger role in the front-lines as well as behind the scenes as support.

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Clerics are former apprentice clergymen who have completed their training. For thousands of years, the Clerics are a group that has devoted their lives to studying and worshipping the Goddesses. The only weapon group exclusive to Cleric is 2h Maces.

Class Attributes. Fade Buff Erases the threat of monsters making them stop any attacks on you. Guardian Saint Buff Increases the caster's Healing ability.

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Heal Active Restores the HP of a designated target. The amount of HP restored depends on the caster's healing values. Pardoner - SP consumption reduced by Plague Doctor - Heal - Overload duration reduced by 0. SP consumption reduced by Heal - Overload duration reduced by 0.

Smite Strike Strike down enemies with a powerful attack. Deals additional damage to Mutant- and Demon-type enemies. Physical Stat - Cleric None 1 Cleric's stat growth ratio is changed.

Does not apply simultaneously with the Cloth Mastery - Communion art. The following skills were removed from Cleric. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. ToS Cleric M. ToS Cleric F. Categories :. Guardian Saint. Restores the HP of a designated target. Strike down enemies with a powerful attack. One-handed Blunt Mastery - Healing.Disclaimers : New updates to the guide has been moved due to a lack of characters:.

TL;DR is the next section. Hi, welcome to my guide on soloing cm with clerics! These are not always the builds that require the least gear like the old AA inq, or have the fastest clear times, but rather builds that can most consistently clear CMs without much mechanics or fear of dying. Why Priest: Pick priest if you have more than enough damage, but are unable to survive physical damage.


Avoid this class if you lack any damage, and you are not an AA build. Why Dievdirbys: Pick diev if you are looking for cool down reduction mostly. As a standalone damage class, it is rather underwhelming unless you have an overall high SPR stat. Even then, it pales in comparison to other dedicated dps classes. Diev shines the most in locations with clustered mobs.

Tree Of Savior Class Guide 2019

Overall though, a rather underwhelming class. Why Oracle: Pick oracle if you have sufficient healing, and have strong damage classes with minimal downtime on damaging skills.

Oracle lacks any specific synergy, so it is often paired with strong stand-alone damage classes. Why Druid: Pick druid full lycan if you are looking for a consistent source of damage with respectable uptime, and have enough heals over time as opposed to burst healing. A very versatile class in cm overall, fits well into most builds. Special synergies with builds that rely on DoT. PD has the single best healing spell for soloing CM, and a little bonus damage to boot.

Why Inquisitor: Pick inquisitor if you have a single circle left and somehow have no damaging skills. Inq is likely the strongest stand-alone damage class. Inq flames shine the most in tight spaces. I do find that an AA build is much weaker than before, but with enough Centaurus cards it might match up to other classes.

Can also 1-hit bosses if you time visible talent properly.


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