Grand trine in progressed chart

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Grand trine in progressed chart

This will extend the life of the trine, creating a Grand Fire Trine. Grand Trines are gifts. The closed circuit of harmonious energy creates a path of least resistance that is intensified because there is no exit. That's excellent if you do something with it.

If you do nothing with it, it creates inertia even in the Fire signs, and even with Mars. You can take the gift for granted. But let's assume that you're going to work this for all it's worth.

If nothing's happened so far, the added fuel from Mars may be what kicks things into high gear. Mars is the trigger; the action you take, or someone else's actions, that will blend nicely with the energy of risk Uranus and optimism Jupiter. The Fire themes of faith, vitality and creativity will play into this. Depending on what other transits are hitting your chart, it's not always appropriate to take a leap of faith or start something new especially with Mercury Rx coming up.

grand trine in progressed chart

Grand Trines are stable, even when Mars and Uranus are involved. It's your no-fail option. The light that guides you through a particularly dark time. There may be something or someone during this trine who renews your faith. Again, look to 11 to 19 degrees of the Fire signs in your chart. If you have anything natal or progressed at those degrees, you're in the zone. But even if you have nothing at those degrees, this trine is powerful enough for everyone to take advantage of.You'll begin to feel it as early as July 13 and it will linger until about July The most sublime, gorgeous spectacle in the sky will befall us as we're graced with an elegant Grand Water Trine.

What's so special about this planetary line up? Well, for starters, the link between Jupiter in CancerSaturn in Scorpioand Neptune in Pisces is a rare one indeed. These three outer planets are all in Water signs which symbolize emotion, intuition and sensitivity.

Water signs are the "feelers" of the zodiac -- and you can put yourself in a more stable position during this aspect with a Self-Healing analysis Tarot reading. When you have a degree connection between two planets it's a trine aspect. But when each of the three Water signs holds a planet making a degree link to each other, then you have what is known as a Grand Water Trine.

Trines are the most supportive aspect in the zodiac -- offering us bountiful treasures with little effort. In the case of Water, those treasures will center on emotional matters and intuitive depth. When you have a planet in every Water sign connecting in a trine, you can literally trace a triangle in the sky and this pattern is most fortunate. The very best of the Water elements expression will be available to us all.

Jupiter in Cancer is all about abundance and prosperity in matters that nurture our soul. Saturn in Scorpio is helping us to realistically face any hidden demons in our closet, creating lasting emotional strength and stability.

Neptune in Pisces encourages us to dream the impossible dream and have unending faith in them.

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With this winning combination, there will be more compassion, nurturing, and penetrating insight into the emotional motivation of others during this time In addition, when there is an abundance of Water energy, intuition is typically off the charts.

Expect plenty of psychic insights and precognitive dreams or impressions. Pay attention to those gut feelings you have now and trust them because your awareness will be stronger. Also, with this pattern between Saturn and Neptune there will be an easy ability to create a solid framework around one of your most dreamy goals!

And Jupiter will add expansive, positive potential to this!In astrology, a grand trine is a pattern that forms when three planets on a chart are the same distance from each other, creating an equilateral triangle. This shape is believed to foster confidence, creativity, flow, and harmony. Look at your chart —is there a big triangle across it? What signs are the planets in?

grand trine in progressed chart

When a grand trine forms, all of the planets are trine to each other, and they are often in the same element fire, earth, air, or water. A grand trine, then, consists of three simultaneous trines, with each of the three planets degrees away from the others.

It's often said that grand trines are taken for granted and make us passive.

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The grand trine, he suggests, may give some people a charmed life, but that luck might keep them from developing self-discipline. Without self-discipline, it will be harder for them to overcome obstacles. Astrologer Dane Rudyhar writes that the grand trine is so harmonious, there's "little incentive for outside manifestation and creation.

The key thing to remember is not to take the good luck and harmony of the grand trine for granted. If your contentment turns into complacency, you will lose the opportunity to grow.

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A major factor to consider when you have a grand trine on your chart is which planets are involved. Astrologers believe that the symbolic archetypes of this power trio join forces when a grand trine is present. In a way, you can think of the grand trine as a frame that amplifies the power of what lies within it.

grand trine in progressed chart

This makes a person especially watery, fiery, earthy, or airy. The matrix of that element becomes one circuit, with the particular planets involved shaping how it plays out. Molly Hall. There is an important exception, though. Each element is associated with different qualities and personality traits.I've read that the Grand Trine is a harmonic aspect but can also lead to a "can't get out of it" loop. What would a Kite be to it then? The bottom of the kite is Jupiter in Pisces 2H.

Would the NN count in this grand trine? Also, is this suppose to be a generally "harmonic" aspect or is it a negative thing? I've really read up on both, I'm not sure what or how to interpret it. Anyone have any grand trines or kites in their composite charts with others? IP: Logged. In my experience, it is a very powerful and karmic formation.

Aspects In The Birth Chart- The Kite

How it manifests is your experience. In my opinion, Grand Kites are a good thing to have in composite - a sort of lifting off, big picture binding influence. To me, it represents a couple coming together to be more powerful than they would on their own - the relationship itself has a big goal. That can mean a lot of things, though. My sister and her husband have this formation in their composite, and I believe it shows in how they have transformed as individuals through their relationship and most likely always will.

They have many otherwise tough aspects but this, to me, shows that they are basically meant to be together this way. But I think it can exist in charts where people come together for negative reasons that are still karmic. It's crucial to analyze the planets and houses involved and what they mean to you. Also, how the relationship seems to be on the whole. A relationship, afterall, can be powerful and transformative but not meant to last for long And so on, and so forth Good insight! I believe that's a good assessment of this aspect.

My cousin and her husband has a YOD in their composite. Although they have some "yikes" aspects in synastry and composite, they are still together after 14 years. I'm very happy for them though, I think they have found healing with each other and they were truly meant to be together, atleast from everyone's perspective! They have a composite yod involving Venus Mercury and Chiron For better or for worse too, because I know certain things about my cousin that will never go away her temper tandrums, her moodyness, her "on-the-surface" gracefulness to things.

Grand Fire Trine

I have the grand kite with my boyfriend, and I agree with this. Moon is at the base opposite Neptune and Uranus. That's nice! How would you describe your grand kite with your boyfriend? We can spend days just laying around and listening to music, talking about music, creating music, and barely leaving the apartment.

My partner and I went to the same music school during college days, however back then we barely knew of each other. But yes, music. He creates music, I play music.Moon Articles. Lunar Living. Privacy Rights Site Map. Having a Grand Trine is similar to having a planet in a sign that it rules. It is believed that a Grand Trine is, collectively, the purest expression of an element.

Trines, and particularly Grand Trines, have a reputation for being positive and creative aspects. However, this wonderful reputation is not wholly deserved.

Each aspect has its own highs and lows, and none are any better or worse than the other aspects. The tendency of the Trine is harmony and flowing.

Grand Trines represent an opportunity granted with open and effortless flow of energy between the planets. While Trines can reveal where one's talents and comfort zones might be, Trines can also indicate where the individual might be lazy or uninvolved in conscious decisions. The Grand Trine energy can take on a life of its own with the individual simply tagging along rather than being an active participant in life.

Grand Trines can simply be too good and too much. The Grand Trine comfort zone may be in taking the easy way out, failing to encourage the individual to respond or participate. The reward of the challenge seems to be missing.

The potential of that Grand Trine may never be tapped by the individual who feels content to go with the flow, but at the same time is afraid to explore the passions that are hidden below the surface of the Grand Trine's great flow of energy.

Each element represents a Grand Trine influence. Fire Grand Trines tend to be constantly busy with one activity or another. Individuals possessing a Fire Grand Trine are likely to over-extend themselves in the process because the tendency of the Fire element is to burn until there is no more fuel or oxygen left. A Grand Trine in Fire can often contribute to a sense of self-confidence and will tend to aspire for the highest highs possible.

They tend to be outgoing and perhaps a bit dramatic.

Planetary Aspect: Grand Trine

Intensity might appear to be the norm in their overall nature. Expressive and perhaps explosive while demonstrating their emotions, the Grand Trine Fire individual would benefit by learning to conserve their enthusiasm and impulsive nature as well as learning to tap into other expressions of emotion that are more progressive. Earth Grand Trines tend to be considerably less action oriented than any of the other elements.The Uranus—Pluto square, which will be in effect between andindicates there will be great turbulence in the economy.

Because of the T-square between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, crime and mortality may increase, and power conflicts may be seen. The people may challenge authorities and institutions for material reasons, so new arrangements will certainly be needed.

This transitional period will leave us breathless, and the paradigms will shift. A transition is impossible to achieve with ordinary people and events, as was witnessed throughout history. Otherwise, our paradigms would never change and there would be no new discoveries.

Aspect Patterns

The great paradigm shift between and will affect material and scientific standards, economics, quality of life, and the standard of our private and social relationships. Saturn will remain there until the end ofwhich coincides with the Uranus—Pluto square.

The Nodes will shift to the Taurus—Scorpio axis, and this shows how economies will face a difficult period. The stock markets and banks will go through a critical period, and financial problems will be seen between business partners and spouses. During the period when the Uranus—Pluto square is so effective, the Saturn—Neptune trine in the water signs will give us the strength and power for transformation and the courage needed after the possible crises and tragedies.

This highly compatible aspect will occur at a good time because it will mitigate the stress of the hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto. The main benefit of the Saturn—Neptune trine is how it will help us to become more mature Saturn spiritually Neptuneas if our spirits will be forced to learn their lessons. It is a period that will help us overcome our limits. We will not fear losing control, but instead we will be transcendent.

If we volunteer for this, our spiritual awareness Neptune will increase with the help of our experiences Saturn. Fate will free us to learn the lessons Saturn of non-alignment Neptune. We will easily carry the responsibility of our dreams.

The Saturn—Neptune trine will support us in shaping Saturn the spiritual world and our ideals. It will help our dreams Neptune to become visible and our ideals Neptune to take shape Saturn.

Neptune symbolizes the collective subconscious, while Saturn represents the materialization of ideals. Neptune is the indicator of the world of imagination, whereas Saturn represents the perception of reality. The compatible aspects of these help us to increase our potential to realize our dreams. Realizing our dreams requires us to make sacrifices, and we need to rid ourselves of the unnecessary things in our lives and become simpler.

This compatible aspect is also associated with idealistically serving others without the interruption of the ego. It will give us the chance to realize our ideals and combine our materialistic and spiritual parts harmoniously.

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Saturn and Neptune, which support each other in a trine aspect from the water signs, will also dance with Jupiter by the second half of The Grand Trine formed by these three planets, which tour in the water signs, will give us the necessary support and initiative to heal our lives and realize our dreams. In astrology, trine aspects indicate the potential for a harmonious flow of energy between the planets.

The advantages can be easily grasped, and these will bring immediate opportunities.

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Harmony and balance will be maintained with ease. In this Grand Trine, three trine aspects represent harmony and balance, so this Grand Trine will bring triple the effect!

This Grand Trine in the water elements will help the smooth flow of emotions and the building of empathy with others. We will begin to feel and perceive things we did not before, realizing that abstract elements play a very important role in our lives. We will also understand the power of our subconscious minds. Because we will be more sensitive during this period, we may demonstrate inconsistent moods if we do not control our emotional reactions. We may easily reach inner happiness and balance if we use Saturn properly and voluntarily face our real drives.

Neptune, now touring in Pisces, the most evolved water sign, is an idealist who volunteers to help the less fortunate. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, will also start touring in Cancer, which symbolizes mercy, empathy, and solidarity. In addition, Saturn will enter Scorpio—which represents depth, intuition, and strength—healing humanity and helping the transformation.These moments of harmony can spark major artistic inventions, progress around world peace and massive communication openings.

These are golden moments to break down barriers and lift everyone up to new heights of happiness and unity. Huge successes come easily to them—often to their own bewilderment, because it happens with little effort. They are charismatic and often become public figures and spokespeople, as they have an easy and natural magnetism about them.

They can be phenomenal artists and creatives. However, Grand Trine people can find themselves unprepared when the going gets tough, as they may not develop the necessary character and skills to pull off their magic tricks during lean times. Luckily, they land on their feet soon enough, as opportunity has a way of finding them wherever they go.

Actors Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon also have this aspect in their natal charts. Because of the pure energy of a Grand Trine, these people can connect to soul-stirring depths without distraction. They can also be reckless if they take their talents for granted. Planetary Aspect: Grand Trine. Listen: Your April Numerology Forecast.


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